Robert James Dunlop


Education: BSc (Hons) Computers and Cybernetics (2.1)
University of Kent at Canterbury
Location: North Hampshire
Marital status: Married. No children
Nationality: British
Other: Non-smoker
Clean driving licence


A hands-on software engineer with network, embedded and Unix/Linux kernel experience. Strong hardware skills also allow him to make a significant contribution to hardware designs. Small company experience has given him a self motivated flexible approach.

Employment history

Guralp Systems - Senior software engineer

July 2007 - Present

Guralp produce seismometers and other scientific equipment. I'm employed mainly in the development of the ARM based communications and control systems, at both the Linux kernel level with new device drivers, and at the applications level with user interfaces and cryptographic support.

Oobla - Software engineer

March 2006 - April 2007

Oobla were developing a Linux based consumer product. Work for them included:

Onelan - Senior engineer

November 2001 - February 2004

Onelan develop Linux based products for the Digital Signage market. I worked on all aspects of product development from platform selection, hardware design review, Linux kernel porting, device driver development, XML interface design and embedded applications development.

Farsite Communications - Linux consultant

October 2000 - October 2001

Self driven and working mainly alone I produced Linux device drivers and interface code for several of Farsite's X.25 and synchronous communications cards.

Chase Research - Technical director

January 1986 - March 2000

I founded Chase Research together with the ex-Managing Director of Chase Systems. Chase developed products for the emerging PC Unix market place and later for the Internet.

Initially I was responsible for all aspects of the first intelligent serial card design, including both hardware and all software and firmware. These cards became a company mainstay through four generations of product.

As the company grew in size personnel and routine management was diverted to other professionals allowing me to concentrate on strategic and tactical technical development. This matrix managed environment demanded considerable flexibility and I filled many different roles over time.

When sold to new owners in early 2000 the company had an annual turnover in excess of ten million pounds and employed nearly 70 people in four countries.

Chase Systems - Systems engineer

October 1983 - January 1986

Chase Systems was a startup developing a Motorola 68000 based Unix computer for the small office environment.

Chase Systems ceased trading in early 1986 due to changing market conditions. The company closure was a very useful learning experience.

Thorn EMI - Graduate engineer

September 1978 - October 1983

EMI provided an apprenticeship and sponsored my university course.

Technical skills

Whilst having used many programming languages including Algol, C++, Pascal, PLM/86 and Ada, primary skills have to be 25 years of embedded C programming together with Intel and Motorola assemblers.

Target operating systems have included Unix/Linux, RTOSs such as AMX and QNX and even home built multi-tasking packages.

Unix skills include administrative work from Apache setup to Sendmail configuration. Development work using many scripting/prototyping languages and tools from AWK to YACC by way of Bash, Python, Perl, LaTeX, Postscript and HTML. Developments have been contributed to both BSD and Linux kernels.

Leisure and other interests

During a recent career break I successfully undertook a second level Geology course with the Open University including associated summer schools and field work. I also took the chance to work on an archaeological dig.

Other interests include: