Why Pink Hut ?

Several people spotting the domain name have asked "Why Pink Hut ?" and the short answer I'm afraid is "Why Not".

The longer answer starts with "It didn't look pink on the small paint sample we viewed but when they finished building it what we had what was very obviously a pink hut".

Shortly after I'd started working in the hut the long awaited ADSL broadband became available in our area and I signed up with a new ISP. As I didn't want to risk disturbing email etc to my old domains and as the ISP was offering a "free" domain on signup I elected to start a new domain.

Lack of real inspiration and all the good ones being taken resulted in the registration of pinkhut.co.uk. So there you have it.


Since getting the domain I've discovered a few advantages over my older hacker inspired xyzzy.org.uk